Wire Management, Component Mounting, Panel Assembly

ARaymond Tinnerman, part of the ARaymond Network, is a global supplier of fastening solutions. The company collaborates with its industrial customers on a day-to-day basis, combining its technical expertise with the customer’s market sector skills to enable the development of customized solutions to support long-term partnerships. Engineers analyze the production lines, identify potential areas of improvement, and propose solutions to simplify the processes and cut costs. This strategy of collaboration is at the forefront of the major innovations or improvements that target one essential objective: the reduction of the total cost of ownership.


ARaymond has always envisioned the future with a combination of imagination and realism.   Since  its inception in 1865, the company has supported the glove, shoe, leather, textile, radio, construction, industrial and automotive markets, each representing a decisive stage in the company’s evolution. In 2009, ARaymond acquired Tinnerman?, another century old fastener manufacturer with strong brand recognition in the United States. ARaymond now has more than 25 manufacturing facilities across the globe.


ARaymond Tinnerman's specialty fastener products offer a reliable means of attaching panels, components and wiring, safely and securely to improve quality and reduce assembly cost. In addition to an extensive plastic and metal standard parts portfolio, our dedicated advanced engineering team is able to provide custom solutions to meet your specific assembly needs. This catalog highlights our best practice parts. If you can not find a solution here, other solutions are available within our online catalog, www.araymond-industrial.com/north-america.


Tinnerman was founded in Cleveland, Ohio in 1870 by George Tinnerman and was known as the Tinnerman Stove Company, makers of high-end stoves. In 1936, Albert, George's son, created a spring steel fastener known as the "Speed Nut?" in order to solve an ongoing issue with stove shipping. George Tinnerman, grandson of the founder, commercialized Speed Nuts? in markets beyond stoves - so successfully, in fact, that the stove business shut down entirely. Tinnerman? became a trusted supplier of fasteners for WWII aircraft.

According to a 1947 Fortune Magazine article, the Tinnerman? Company used aggressive techniques to change the automobile industry. The time-saving fasteners held parts in place without the need for welding or riveting. At the time, an automobile manufacturer doubted that it was strong enough to hold fenders to bodies. A.H. Tinnerman responded by hoisting a 3,325 pound vehicle off the ground supported by a Speed Nut?. A.H. also created a plan to save Ford millions of dollars by changing the way automobiles were assembled - finding 400 unique places and applications for Tinnerman? products. It became an automotive revolution.

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