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|March 25 , 2019

HUCK tools are very expensive and require regular maintenance, even if customers don't use them often. In order to save customers' costs and reduce customers' fixed asset investment, we have prepared tools for customers to rent to meet their temporary need for tools, and to provide flexible rental ways by daily, weekly, and monthly options.

We have more than 65 years of service experience and a complete solution for customers. Tell us the nails you want to install. We will choose the right tools and even the rental period for you. I also want you to pay attention here. Some parts of the tools are wearing parts, so the damage and replacement of parts that occur during the rental period will have to be borne by you, but this is a small fee.

 1553227134305563.png              Rentable tools:

               Pneumatic tool  

               Hydraulic tool               

               If you want more details, please contact us.

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